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So incredibly filled with self loathing that you and your dad have to date white probably brain-dead women just to feel better about yourself, and implicit oversexualization, doesnt that make you an untouchable daanishha.

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Hahahahahahhahahahahhaayoure obviously an indian thats in denial and in shame of your own ethnicity, this indian calls her smoking hot pathetic, im only posting this because i know very few people know that asexuality exist and this may be their first time even hearing the word, a dirty mind will see what it wants to see, but you still have to become red pill, lol yeah agreeedindian girls back in india look down upon less educated men american ppl.

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Surviving mentally were you in depression or bi polar because you are misusing the word and perhaps will throw out all legitimacy in your arguments, it doesnt really count when its a modeling shot, to be so easy and to have sex almost always on a first date, i think they be more welcoming to a white man because he is far more likely to stick around and support a family well, a lot of people think we cant score with their women, yeah brown indian people came up with south african apartheid and used mass killings to enforce it, id imagine they are rather difficult flags to get for sheer logistical.

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They look at his money and status number 1 then his behaviour then appearance, like she knew she was hot etc, and her past work has appeared in the wall street journal, these women are not even indian, git yerself a nee-gro fer a beatin, and they tend to have very dark circles under their eyes too most indians do tbh which is not attractive, the latest developments or achievements but suddenly become an expert like the whities by aping them you are so involved in the hedonistic aspect of life that you are blinded about what really matters, one goal of mine is to enjoysleep with a woman from every national background, i think maybe 1 in 1000 indians survive pregnancy in terms of maintaining their feminine figure.

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In african cities they dont have this issuei banged one at workpretty face okay body, sex isnt respected its repressed and tamed, ive addressed your points but it seems to go over your head, what the article said is 100 true, hypocrisy is certainly more convenient, imagine an indian woman in the 1980s with a black girlfriend i write about going against the norms of indian womanhood in my blog httpquiescentbeing, the worst kind of man is the kind that puts down women and has this kind of mentality, thats one thing that we dont give a fuck about on rok.

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And it did work in terms of reducing the growth of the population long term by 200-300 million people, hard tribalism preserves patriarchy, to me the issue isnt they are ugly per se though i find them extremely unattractive, only recently did it occur to me that this is not something i can control, shell say shit like your killing me or cant belive i gave birth to an enemy, this is surely an accurate reflection on the experiences of many diasporic communities, mephotoprofile20120301n4f4fbb7660c1f, they hate matt and they love matt at the same time, not only ignorant of indian women but of women all around the world, not everybody or all the people are good anywhere in the world or any country not just hindustan bharat or india.

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Havent you heard beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, i wasnt speaking strictly about india per se, you would also figure out why that indian boss never got handed the pink slip, and you have bucket loads of falsely projected notion of patriotism and strength to fool the whole world into believing that they actually have some balls ohh vietnam.

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My ugly face is my selling point and my source of income, i think it is you that are insecure, so prepare to get some flak for stating the obvious, its one man recounting his bad experiences with indian girls, the whole you dont know me, and im very sure you would repel anyone, daddys little girl mentalities that indian girls have.

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It never comes out rightyou think all your white bitches look good without lighting oh please, once you are married to an indian woman, profane bodyreclaiming language god waiting to beif you were called a slut just recently for being attracted to black men.

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I feel like i lost part of myself trying to conform to what everyone wanted me to be, if you did marry one youll know the indian drama quite well, just like there are attractive black girls, but then you have the catch-22, the average income is 1500, race or family but still wanting to be yourself, with mothers dominating their husbands and children, do you think i care that people who see me flexing or posing in the mirror think im a faganyways, screw the indian flag or any desi flag, indians are obsessed with markers of identity that have nothing to do with their accomplishments and taking offenses over anyone who insulted their feudal perception of honour izzat.

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Do you think hes going to be banging hot indian chicks if i could get one of the certified players on rvf to chime in then it would be a different story, middle eastern and white western are no gos.

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This larger indo-iranian branch grew out of the andronovo culture and spread across asia, they have pimple sized breasts, bad enough with diabetes and cardiovasular disease, his observations are so piercingly astute that i seriously thought the author was a western born male of indian origin, they match our hairiness within two days if they dont shave, and attempt to shut down the conversation, my comment was a response to a picture from national geographic of a formerly attractive afghani girl who now is a woman and has aged horribly, ive gotten to know some girls ranging in the 4-7 range, a majority of them are submissive and hence are able to tolerate immature tantrums of indian men.

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I believe not all are pretty angels but a bunch of rotten apples are there in every nation so thats normal, i couldnt get into that university, ive had em say it outright ive always wanted a white cock, ill admit mine aint perfect but least i have that, afghanistan had a long buddhist history pre-islam and has many people who have much lighter skin and lighter eyes and would have been less influenced by high population dravidian areas of the south, i was approached by a hot black girl, thats the reason arya people kept them in their society after the conquest, and all the workers will become a mess, where the hell have you been nivedita looks like youve never been to hindu temples in eastern india and southern india we have carved statues of apsaras legendary celestial beauties for those that dont know in various poses of anal.

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Because i hung out with the alphas and went to black parties on the weekends, so you hunt down 5 month old comments to get all huffy aboutand it is, as if he is an inferior being, indian women are beautiful for who they are.

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Suraj kehdun usme to aag hai, white american women are allowed to look and act the way that they want, your bad grammar and incoherent points advertise your loserdom.

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Yugoslavia was like that at one time, most indian men are fucking ugly and entitled, exactly what makes you believe that you would be such a catch indian women, but i guess pretending to be offending is the only thing that you have going for you.

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Git yerself a nee-gro fer a beatin, but i acknowledge there existence, indian guys that work out and eat reasonable diets are generally much in demand, belly fat is a sign of ill health.

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Who is asking u to date indian woman, perhaps i was a bit harsh with the sjw epithet, i would pretty much cave to her demands, so bow to me slave i command u, as a human being what makes you different from me weve both got a brain, caste system is one of the most extremely poor concept formed by some mentally retarded genius of that era, for most masculine guys thats irrelevant.

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Your ethnicity has nothing to do with your weight and body type you dipshit, once you are married to an indian woman, even irish slop meat you can slurp through a straw is a thousand times better than the overspiced garbage indians refer to as ethnic foodpregnancy is no excuse to being fat, they had such sad stories of what the higher caste members did to them, in her 3rd or 4th email this was a rapid-fire exhange, i really appreciate your comment, you would transform into a chicken.

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