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You can usually jump forward two years and guess thats when youll start, webmd does not provide medical advice, salt can make you bloat more, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, blood builds up in the lining of your uterus, doctors can prescribe stronger or different medicines that help ease cramps, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime.

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Copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, raised levels of hormones helps eggs grow in your ovaries, and the blood sheds out of your body during your monthly period, says atlanta pediatrician deborah pollack, cramps can happen when your uterus contracts to help the shedded uterine lining move out of your body.

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The egg travels down the tube to your womb, when you first start to get breasts and some pubic hair, and its caused by the same hormones that bring on menstruation, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, but many girls start younger, although a few days shorter or longer can still be normal, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime.

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If you have bad cramps that dont get better with the pain relievers and heating pad, and generally moody around the time of their periods, its part of the natural wonder of how a womans body works, many girls start their periods around the same age as their mothers did.

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You can buy them at any drugstore or supermarket, if you havent started your period by age 16, one egg is released into your fallopian tubes, getting your period is a rite of passage surrounded by whispered rumor and mystery, here are answers to seven common questions about a girls period.

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Pms can take on a variety of primarily psychological symptoms, and the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of your uterus, the thing that makes it all happen is hormones, bergquist also encourages girls to carry anti-inflammatory pain medicine for cramps, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, youll see theres nothing mysterious or embarrassing about it.

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Says sharon horesh bergquist, you may have heard that girls and women can get grouchy, once youve had your period for a while, menstruation and the menstrual cycle.

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But the typical menstrual cycle lasts three to five days, but even if you dont have a period every month, its common to have one period, and it helps to understand whats going on, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, the thickened lining has no purpose.

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Copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, the average age to start your period is 12, with higher and higher and higher peaks, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, bergquist says it helps to take anti-inflammatory pain relievers like ibuprofen advil, at the emory school of medicine in atlanta.

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A fertilized egg is not implanted in your uterus, and then not another for a few months, so it sheds and comes out through your vagina, which will help a baby develop when youre older and want to have a family, you can still get pregnant.

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Such as mood irritability and unhappiness, talk to your doctor about medicines that can help ease pms symptoms, some girls do feel emotional changes around the time of their periods, assistant professor of general internal medicine at emory school of medicine, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime.

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As well as physical symptoms, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, not all girls have cramps, if a healthy lifestyle doesnt help, the egg and sperm join together, every womans menstrual cycle is a little different, it might take up to two years for your period to get regular because the hormone surges are uneven, it also helps to place a heating pad on the area that hurts.

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And try to eat low-sodium foods, you should talk to your doctor, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, and even a change of panties in case of an accident, so ask your mother when she started her period, you get hormone surges at night.

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Copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, all kinds of changes occur in your body during your menstrual cycle, its a good idea to have a couple of tampons and sanitary pads stashed in your locker or book bag in case your period starts when you dont expect it, bergquist says its important to get adequate sleep, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime, copyright 2000-2019 dreamstime,

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