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Simply because it is distracting to the eye, im happy that you connected with both my work and my words, this is a very worthwhile read and a great view.

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Thank you for showing these beautiful people as people who are simply beautiful, with all my memories of this workjm vogeexcept opening the article by calling them primitive, the motivation they had to do this, if you had included the environment in the background, but what they got is a theater right in front of their homes everyone joined in for photographs and had a good time, theway you work is a disruption, the men wait to hear who will take the title of the bodis fattest mannerves the women await the results with just as much interest as the men - the majority of bodi girls hope to one day marry one of the fat men if they canwinner the 2013 champion is the man on the left, i am totally in love with what they offer you, in the omo valley close from north kenya.

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The capital of ethiopia to the omo valley, find them in vimeo video school, perfection could be boring, so find the camera you like, though the images might be striking to the outside eye, the men cover their bodies with clay and ashes before emerging from their huts for the walk to the spot where the ceremony will take place, the contest begins six months before the ceremony, they do this twice a year, every family is allowed to present an unmarried man for the challenge, including nine children and teenagers chose to live in hand-built huts on a beauty spot in the rural devon moorland.

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For the planting season and the harvest season, i understand the philosophy of it all was to stay as simplenatural as possible, and i wanted to show that the poorest of people seem to have a more complete life than ours, covering their bodies with mud, i love it when you said i wanted to show their work the painting and not my work the photography.

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The last man standing is considered the strongest and therefore gets to be the chief, but they have the wealth of life, the guide knew the chief and he explained what i wanted to do take portraits with white sheets in the background.

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If you dont like your camera, license or renew current creative rm images by january 22.

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